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Realm Leadership Team

Realm is a 21st century experience company that specializes in multi-destination event creation production and management across Asia and Europe. As the experience architects, we do more than plan and build structures. We create worlds.

First, we begin by understanding how real people think, work and act. We get to the heart of what people need and want - and maybe even secretly think they can't have.

As the experience architects, we imagine how people flow, function and feel in a space. This is what we do at Realm.


Selina Sinclair

CEO & Founder

"I'm a fire dancer."

My finesse of this incandescent art has cultivated in me, courage, focus, agility, and the ability to stay calm. As your leader, you can count on me to always find a solution.

Let's burn bright.


Jezz Wu

Executive Director,

Events & Experience Design

“Tell me not to do something and I’ll do it twice and take pictures!”

I dream of the impossible, leap into the unknown and turn challenges into opportunities that will create magical moments in events that are out of this world!

Let’s embark on an EVENTURE.

Qixin Liow


Events & Communications

“I love rock music so much I married a rock singer.”

In the face of challenges, I remain relaxed, flexible and in the groove. Conversely, I am also adept in delivering experiences that seek to thrill and excite.

Are you ready to rock and roll?



With more than 15 years of experience in architecture and event design, I know the possibilities in achieving your event dream; from drawings to production, without trial and error.

Let's create magic.


Design & Production

“I designed and built my own house.”

Trang New.jpg

Trang Pham

My true passion lies in providing the best customer experience to others who have wanderlust like me. Hearing you say 'wow' is my greatest reward, and I will always seek to create unforgettable moments for you. Let your dream take flight.

Managing Director, Vietnam

“I graduated from an IT education and became a flight attendant after.”


Bert Chamrernnusit

My enthusiasm and passion are evident in all that I do, and I put in 110% to make your event dreams come true. My ability to stay level-headed and years of experience make me a great player to have on your team. Let's get going!

Managing Director, Thailand

“I dislocated three fingers playing a sport I love.”

Violet New.jpeg

Violet Wang

Whether I'm mistaken as a Thai, or Nippon, I continue to be humbled by the diversity and vibrancy of our region. My local connections and on-ground knowledge help to create an experience with a no-distance dive into our culture.

Let's GLOCAL our experiences.

Managing Director, Shanghai

“I am tipped as local by locals, wherever I travel.”


Lacey Liu

Managing such a variety of ingredients is never easy in Chinese cooking but I remain undaunted facing obstacles. I enjoy the creative process of executing an event and am able to come up with the best recipe for your event needs. Let's bring the finest to your table.

Managing Director, Beijing

“I'm an amateur chef!”



The romance has been going on for more than 25 years that I have been in the industry and I am enthralled with this magical island. I seek to inspire my clients with quality event execution here and to do good for this destination. May I take your hand?

Managing Director, Indonesia

“Bali is my first and true love.”

Ruby New Blue.jpg

Ruby Serra

After covering presidential visits, financial summits and even the war zones, I have landed in the travel industry, building relationships with you. My tenacious nature since has given me a strong character to work under pressure, and I am ready to take the next journey with you. Now, let's talk business!

Director, Business Development & Client Relations

“I was once a TV news reporter.”

Sharon BW.jpg

Sharon Goi

I possess an extreme positive outlook in life and I believe this is my 'Midas touch' when it comes to motivating people around me and nurturing great relationships both professionally and personally.

Let your energy introduce you before you even speak.

Culture Wizard,
Culture & Integration

“I am a  glow-getter.”

Marissa New.jpg

Marissa Fernandez

Business Development,

Australia & New Zealand

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